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Fat Fills / Transfers

Fat Fills / Transfers

Procedure: The use (injection) of “your own body fat” has gained huge momentum within the scope of aesthetic surgery.It has been shown that fat cells contain the highest concentration of STEM CELLS within the body and these stem cells play a big role in ageing and skin rejuvenation.Aside from this , the injection of fat increases volume in areas which not only require lifting (facelift) but need volume restoration.

Fat is harvested with very small cannulas (tubes), it is then prepared (centrifuged) following which , it is injected in a very precise, accurate manner into well marked regions of the face, neck, breasts and hands.

Duration of procedure: These can very considerably depending on areas to be filled.Cheeks > 60 minutesLower eyelid “tear-trough” > 45 minutes Hands > 90 minutes
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia with /without intravenous sedation.
Recovery: Recovery varies depending on the areas treated.
Generally, 3-10 days with swelling and occasional bruising. Application of ice packs and Surgeons Choice Tissue Repair oil accelerates recovery.Please read the “precautions info sheet ” regarding preoperative precautions.
Results: Rejuvenation and enhancement of treated areas resulting in volume restoration and improved proportions.
Injection of fat into lower eyelids removes the “tired drawn look” by filling the tear trough hollow at the inner aspect of the eyelid.
Fat injection into the hands improves the thin skin appearance thereby reinstalling a youthful appearance to the hands.