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Chin implant


Procedure: A “weak” chin often disrupts the proportions of the face , in particular the lower jaw area. It can give one the appearance of having a retrusive (set back ) jaw/chin aesthetic unit. This can be corrected in certain cases simply by insertion of a chin implant .The solid silicone implant ( Mentor or Implantech ) is inserted into a pre- mapped pocket under the chin skin/muscle via a well hidden incision placed in the submental crease under the chin.
The implants come in various sizes and shapes. At the time of the preoperative consult the correct implant will be chosen. Insertion of the implant can be performed on its own or at the same time as other procedures such as face lift or nasal surgery (rhinoplasty)
Duration of procedure: 1- 1.5 hours
Anaesthesia: Intravenous sedation with Dormicum (medazolam) and long acting local anaesthesia.
In/Out patient: Usually out patient…home on the same day.
Post-operative: Temporary swelling and bruising for approx 7-10 days.
Stiffness when opening mouth for approx 2 weeks.
Occasional temporary numbness of the lower lip.
Avoid bumping or trauma to the operated area.
Avoid sunburn for approx 6-8 weeks.
Recovery: Back to work : 5-7 days
More Strenuous activity : 2 weeks
Normal activity : 4-6 weeks
Results: The chin implant will improve the aesthetic proportions and enhance the jawline.
Before/After Animation: Due to new regulations,I have had to temporarily remove the sample pictures.

Should you have any further questions, I would be happy to answer them.