Earlobe Reduction


Earlobe reduction is a simple but very satisfying procedure.As with all cosmetic surgery, facial proportions are most important and the size of an earlobe with regard to the face needs to be considered as an important structural proportion.Often, as women age the earlobe size increases. This can also be influencing by the size and weight of earrings worn.

Earlobe reduction is often performed together with facelift if indicated.

Duration of procedure:

Approximately one hour.


Local anaesthesia Intravenous sedation is also administered in select cases , or when doing the procedure together with a facelift.


Internal dissolving sutures are used.Occasionally skin sutures are used which need to be removed 5 days later.The earlobe is then taped with Micropore skin tone tape and Surgeons Choice Tissue Oil is massaged over the tape twice a day for 2-6 weeks depending on rate of healing.

If the earlobe needs to be re-pierced, this is done 6 weeks postop by Dr.Jedeikin.


Results are extremely satisfactory with a small barely visible scar at the bottom of the earlobe.

This scar pales into insignificance especially if the strict postoperative instructions have been followed carefully.