Earlobe Repair

Often earlobes become “torn” by the years of wearing pierced earrings. In most cases the holes become bigger or the earring tears completely through resulting n the earlobe looking “split” This is easily repaired leaving the earlobe looking normal and similar to the opposite lobe.


Excision of the old torn hole with re-suturing of the earlobe leaving a small, barely visible scar.


Local anaesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.

Duration of procedure:

30-90 minutes


Dressings will be applied to the earlobes and these together with the sutures are removed 5-7 days later.
The small scar is then taped and Surgeons Choice Tissue oil is massaged twice daily over the tape to rapidly improve the SMALL scar.

Eras can be re-pierced 8-12 weeks later by Dr. Jedeikin


The procedure will leave the earlobes appearing neater, more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical.