Tuberous Breast

Tuberous breasts also known as tubular breasts, constricted breasts or herniated breasts/areolae is a fairly common condition affecting women during the breast development stage of their lives.

It is incredibly debilitating with profound psychological implications.

Thankfully, surgical correction is very successful even though the procedure can be complicated and difficult.

There are various categories of severity ranging from mild deformity with slight asymmetry to severe hypoplasia (under-developement) with gross asymmetry and aesthetic deformity.

The surgical procedures employed to correct this disfigurement range from the simple insertion of an implant for milder cases, through to more complex procedures whereby implants are inserted and areolae skin is excised and the nipple areolar is tightened whikst correcting the herniation of the breast.

Dr. Jedeikin will gladly discuss your particular problem and after having examined you, taken measurements and photographs, he will suggest a particular procedure suitable to correct and improve your breast aesthetics.

Please contact him for further information.